For 60 years, Noryjin was embroiled in wars. Kingdoms and factions turned on each other, treaties and truces falling apart as quickly as they are made. Borders are redrawn on nearly a weekly basis, as the balance of power shifts. As the years turned into decades, it was thought by most that peace would never return. It was by the grace of the gods and twisted fate, that peace once again returned. After 60 years of fighting, the populations of the kingdoms had dwindled greatly, the loss of life having grown to great to be replenished. This set in motion a round of peace talks but would still require a greater push to cement.

When the Dying Eye appeared in the sky, all the factions and kingdoms saw it as a bad omen. The gods showing their displeasure in the death and destruction they had wrought. When the first wave of bodies began to rise, the spark of undeath breathed into them, the people of Noryjin knew their folly. By the time the Dying Eye left the sky, peace had been declared amongst the kingdoms. They could not stand to fight each other if it only created more soldiers of the undead. Noryjin knew peace once more.

With the peace came all the normal fallout from a world consumed with warfare. Fertile lands were turned to barren landscapes, blasted by spells and trampled by armies alike. Men and women that have spent most of their lives consumed by fighting and bloodshed are forced to return to a mundane life. While five years have passed since the conflicts have ended, many still cling to the thoughts and feelings they held, tensions still high through out most of the world. With the borders of all the kingdoms having been altered this tension is heightened, mixing in with confusion as they are forced to pay allegiance to a new banner.

The dead have reached an untold number, the amount of graveyards have increased dramatically, bringing with them a new threat. With so many restless souls left behind by the march of war the number of undead and necromancers have exacerbated, blanketing the world in a new darkness. As such mercenaries have become in demand, offering employment opportunities to those soldiers left over from the war. Such folk often are harsh and twisted, taxing the folk that hire them acting no different than common thugs. This forces the towns and villages to make a difficult choice; Do they deal with the undead that terrorize their lands or the mercenaries they hire to defeat them? 

In the cities the threat of an undead attack is lessened, the populace protected by thick walls and guards. With so many people clustered in a small area, even more so now that the War is over, work has become scarce, many turning to the less than savoury jobs in order to keep food in their bellies and a roof over their head. With corruption seeping into all facets of the governing bodies it only seems to provide an ample breeding ground for a seedy underworld. While the war may be over the world is just as blood thirsty.

Bone Marrow upon the Sequoia Throne

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