Noryjin Calandar

Noryjin Calendar

The calendar contains 10 months, each month separated into 6 weeks and each week holding 5 days (Son Day, Mug Day, True Day, Wins Day, Flame Day). with the summer and winter seasons being longer than fall and spring, the first day of the new year also takes place on the first day of summer.


Dermble: The first month of the year as well as the first summer month.

Typils: The hottest month of the year.

Saligress: The last month of summer that contains the summer solstice in which the moon is full for an entire week.

Igmin: The first autumn month, it is also known as the harvest month.

Balla: During this month the connection between the different worlds becomes its strongest reaching its peak during the autumn equinox.

Rylynd: The first winter month that heralds in the blooming of the Icybelle, a white and blue flower that only blooms when snow touches the ground.

Manamanah: The Winter solstice, this month also has the Gifting day on the 25th.

Aylot: The coldest month during the year, the Samsquantch becomes active, terrorizing villages and towns all over Noryjin.

Zofren: The first month of spring, that is known for its warm, muggy yet rain filled days. This month is also known as the Flood Month given the rapid melting of the snow coupled by the abundance of rainfall.

Lyrodat: Month of the spring equinox, Lyrodat is also known as the Sowing Month in which the fields are tilled and the seeds planted. The Black Moon also occurs during this month.

Noryjin Calandar

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