Places of Note

Threnwick Province: The largest kingdom or province within Noryjin, the Threnwick province has always belonged to humans. Said to be descendants of the old empire the people of Threnwick expanded the reaches of their borders during the Great War. Ruled by Lord Augustus Del Frevelone, the province has seen a spike in economical growth since the end of the war. Threnwick also employs the largest number of mercenaries and sword arms, using them to not only bolster their own military but for various other tasks as well. The capital of the Threnwick Province is the trade city of Cortinz.

Morghaalst: To the north in the frozen tundra lies the dwarven kingdom of Morghaalst. While a vast majority of their towns and cities are found on, in or around the peaks of the Dun'vax Mountains their domain stretches much further. Clusters of people can be found all over the vast area that comprises Morghaalst grouping together to form everything from hamlets to cities. Before the Great War there was no ruling body over the clans of Morghaalst, however now Clan Coalbeard claims dominance, their leader Yolzer having ruled for the last 40 years. Yolzer governs from the city of Ermlinq.

Kingdom of Althyeria: Nestled deep in the swamps and marsh lands of Noryjin is the elven kingdom of Althyeria. Using their magic the elves have created several vast cities in areas that seem impossible for life of any sort to thrive. Their skill in the arcane arts played a vital role in their conquest of Sselvinllotk the dragonborn kingdom that is now known as New Hyrea. Ruled by Queen Uulinkiya, the royal family of Althyeria calls the large city of Hyrea home. 

New Hyrea: What was once the mighty Dragonborn kingdom of SSelvinllotk has now become known as New Hyrea, a region controlled by the Kingdom of Althyeria. Unlike the elves the dragonborn did not rely as heavily on magic to shape their land, instead focusing on bending the natural terrain to their wills. Governed by Dutchess Llianrinda, eldest daughter of Uulinkiya, she is said to be the next successor to the throne. Kklaisla serves of the capital of New Hyrea as it once did for the Dragonborn kingdom.

The Bolm Empire: Birthplace of the Gnomes, like all the other regions all manners of people can be found within its borders. Protected by a series of large walls known as the Kolud (Shell) those within its confines must adhere to a strict set of laws. The day begins and ends with the Holiungre, a 2 minute period in which bells are rung all over the Empire signaling the beginning and ending to the time of prayer. Those that do not partake in the time of prayer are subject to harsh laws including but not limited to fines, manual labour and prison time. While most gnomes worship Erathis, many of the gods also find worshipers within its confines. The capital of the Bolm Empire is Kadence.

Yihp'unt kingdom: Contained to the Rew'raq jungles is the Goliath kingdom of Yihp'unt. Known for its massive stone monoliths and buildings, Yiph'unt is one of few regions where slavery is used heavily. Separated into tribes the goliaths managed to stay out of the conflicts as a whole although many of its citizens sought out riches and glory as hired swords. While there is no active leader of the Yhip'unt kingdom a Warchief is appointed during times of massive conflict.

Trenilith Protectorate: Surrounded by the sea of Calenth are the Moonshine Isle's, the home of the Halflings. The islands themselves are a mix of mountainous areas along side flat fields. Due to the warmer weather created by the Sea of Calenth the Moonshine Isles are able to produce crops year round. Lourdes Aliandra controls the protectorate, ruling from the capital city of Umdrune, known as the jewel of the sea. The Trenilith Protectorate has the largest navy in all of Noryjin, the white wood of their ships making them easily recognizable.

Plain of Sorrows: A mix of rolling deserts and dry grasslands, the Plains of Sorrow are home to all manners of terrible creatures. Said to have been fertile lands during the time of the old empire it is unclear as to what happened to corrupt it into the twisted form it is today. Despite most of it looking nightmarish, with blackened, gnarled trees.and toxic gases, several settlements still remain in it. Home to several gems and ores not found anywhere else in Noryjin, several of the settlements are based around mining. The templar's of Valsin have set up several bastions and forts as they attempt to keep the dangerous creatures from pouring out of the confines of their territories.

Peoples Republic of Lolbon: The only faction to stay out of the 60 years of war, this Republic was once dozens of smaller kingdoms. As the drums of war began to rise up, the lords and ladies of the kingdoms realized that they could not fend off an attack from any of the other factions on their own. Coming together the kingdoms created a senate of their rulers so that all kingdoms would have equal say. Since the appearance of The Dying Eye, the Peoples Republic of Lolbon has managed to retain most of their wealth and populace. They have seen an increase in trade as the other factions attempt to recuperate from their losses. The Republic also holds the only naval fleet capable of providing a challenge to the Alabaster Armada of the Trenilith Protectorate.

Places of Note

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