The Pantheon of Noryjin

Major Deities

Treifahness: Goddess of the sea and storms she is often depicted as being a slender woman with hair as blue as the ocean itself. She is known as being somewhat unstable, switching from a calm demeanor to a great rage, much like the sea and sky. Her symbol is a trident with lightning bolts shooting from the tips and her favoured weapon is a trident.

Valsin: God of light and valor, Valsin urges his followers to cleanse the world of the vile and evil creatures. While many consider Valsin to be a man of virtue there is a small contingent that view him as nothing more than a racist. It is commonplace for his followers to perform crusades, pushing into areas that are controlled by or merely ripe with the monstrous races. His favoured weapon is the flail.

Borjhuul: Worshipped by most in order to curry his favour, Borjhuul governs the land of dead. A barren wasteland where souls venture to if they are deemed unworthy by their god. As Borjhuul can not be there to lead every soul to his domain, he sends his minions…the lost souls of children that end up on his plane. The favoured weapon of Borjhuul is Bolliruss, a long spear made from bone.

Infarria: Known as the Blood Maiden, her presence haunts battlefields as she looks for skilled fighters to join her forces. Warriors of all sorts offer their prayers to her as they enter the battlefield. When she appears before mortals it is always as a redheaded woman in simple clothes, clutching a longsword. Her holy symbol is a depiction of two longswords crossed above a rose.

Uumloa: The source of all fire, Uumloa is a giant fire bird that travels high in the sky. Uumloa is also known by a simplier name: the sun. It is said that when its flames touch the world they take on a life of their own, creating the phoenix's that roam the world. Uumloa's holy symbol is a giant flaming bird.

Rilm: Father of lies, Rilm is a god that is revered by rogues, criminals and those that prefer to use the cover of darkness for their goals. Rilm is also the god of secrets and is quite inquisitive. Of all the gods he meddles in the affairs of mortals the most, attempting to sate his lust of forbidden knowledges. While he appears in many guises, the god is easily identified by the curved daggers he weilds.

Aomgree: Protector of nature and the oldest tree in Amorsa, this god is incredibly slow to act. Aomgree is also known for having a flawless memory, capable of recalling all events in perfect detail. Aomgree has been engaged in a fued with Uumloa since the dawn of time. The god of fire attempted to land on Aomgree, setting the gentle giant ablaze with a fire that is still lit. Aomgree is represented by a tree that is partly on fire.

Myada: The goddess of luck, fate and time. Myada is capable of seeing into the future but lacks the ability to focus on the past at all and struggles to keep her mind on the present. Whether this is a side effect of her diving or merely a personal choice is unclear. While she is a pacifist at heart, she understands that sometimes she must intervene in the affairs of the world. When she does, she is said to use a giant axe. 

Minor Gods

Dozens of minor gods dot Noryjin

The Pantheon of Noryjin

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