The Planes of Existence

There are several planes of existence that are known to the people of Noryjin, from the highest planes of the gods to the lowest planes of the hells and everything in between.

The Material Plane

The plane that Noryjin is located and where most of the game will take place.

The Ether (The Feywild)

The world beyond the world, the Ether has always been just outside the reach of most folk. This vibrant and chaotic world is home to most fey creatures. Filled with strange plants and animals, the Ether is bursting with arcane magic. Thought to be the source points of the Ley lines that travel through the Material Plane, those few that traverse it all feel the surge of wild magic flowing through them. During certain times of the year, the veil that separates the Ether and the Material Plane becomes paper thin. During these times energy and creatures from the Ether manage to slip into the Material World

The Void (The Shadowfell)

The Void is the dark place, the world where evil lurks and twisted creatures roam looking to defile and destroy all the things the citizens of Noryjin hold dear. While the Void is a exspansive world shaped like monotone reflection of the material plane it is most known for Drazthed, the corrupt city. It is here the evil gods, powerful demons and other abominations call home, ruling over the lower caste with iron fists. For centuries the denizens of this foul land have attempted to create a foothold on Noryjin, working to establish a portal connecting the two worlds. While no doors have been founded, temporary windows into the foul world certainly have been create, allowing some terrible denizens to slip into Noryjin. Most of these foul monsters have been defeated but there is a small number that managed to slip through the cracks, establishing cults in order to bolster their power.

The Planes of Existence

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